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Whose Technology is Kontrolmatik?

Kontrolmatik Technology is one of Turkey’s leading engineering, system integrator, and technology companies. Founded in Istanbul in 2008, Kontrolmatik operates in the fields of energy, process industry, transportation, and mining. The company provides services in areas such as digital solutions, energy transmission and distribution, control systems, communication, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Since its establishment, Kontrolmatik has been growing sustainably and innovatively. It operates in more than 33 countries in collaboration with international partners, with a focus on building a sustainable, carbon-neutral, and green future. In 2016, Kontrolmatik opened its software and IoT department, investing in Industry 4.0 and cybersecurity. Additionally, the company continues its work in mobile energy systems, satellite, and space technologies.

The ownership structure of Kontrolmatik Technology is dominated by Ömer Ünsalan and Sami Aslanhan, who each hold 38.1% of the company. The remaining 23.8% is owned by other partners. The company’s general manager is Osman Şahin Köşker.

Kontrolmatik has successfully completed many important projects both domestically and internationally. These projects include energy plants, national grids, factories, and energy storage solutions for high-power requirements. Furthermore, Kontrolmatik achieved a significant milestone by establishing Turkey’s first private sector investment, the Lithium-Ion Battery Cell and Energy Storage Systems Gigafactory.

Described as a company that values sustainability, efficiency, the planet, and human rights, Kontrolmatik uses highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and sustainable technologies in all its operations. The company aims to build a future with a low carbon footprint.

Kontrolmatik Technology’s rise has been marked by significant milestones in engineering and technology. Since its inception, the company has undertaken various innovative projects in different sectors. Projects in energy, process industry, transportation, and mining showcase the company’s expertise and capabilities.

Key Projects and Developments International Achievements

Kontrolmatik has also proven itself internationally. In 2019, the company ranked 44th in the list of System Integrator Giants and climbed to 28th place in 2021. This success highlights the company’s significant presence as an international player.

Expanding Fields of Activity

Kontrolmatik expanded its activities in the energy sector, particularly strengthening its presence with projects such as providing Control Systems for Gas Power Plants and high-voltage substation works.

R&D Efforts

The company places importance on research and development to focus on its goal of creating a sustainable and carbon-free future. In this context, it has developed innovative projects such as energy storage solutions for energy plants, national grids, and factories.

Sustainability and Green Technologies

Kontrolmatik has embraced sustainability values and operates accordingly. By developing environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, the company strives to build a green future with a low carbon footprint.

Satellite and Space Technologies

One of the company’s subsidiaries, Plan-S Satellite and Space Technologies Inc., successfully launched its communication test satellites into orbit in 2022. This project is the first private sector initiative of its kind in Turkey.


Since its establishment in 2008, Kontrolmatik Technology has played a significant role in technology and engineering, both in Turkey and internationally. The company’s commitment to investing in future technologies, sustainability, and environmental values strengthens its leadership position in the industry. Kontrolmatik’s story serves as an excellent example of how innovation, sustainability, and international success can be combined in the fields of technology and engineering.

For more information and details, you can refer to Kontrolmatik Technology’s official website: Kontrolmatik Technology and Dünya.com.

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